Trouvaille Interior Options

During your Trouvaille order process you will need to choose from a variety of interior options within our three design categories: 
Classic Trouvaille, Gloss Chic or Colour Pop

swash backgrounds.png

Classic Trouvaille

trouvaille colour options - classic colours just image.png
just swatches trouvaille colour options - classic colours_edited.png

An alternative upholstery 

trouvaille colour options - classic colours with oatmeal seats 3.png

Smoke Blue Furniture alternative

trouvaille colour options - classic with blue option and oatmeal seats 2.png
trouvaille smoke blue and black.png

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The Trouvaille at it's finest - Niagara Green and Dakar Grey produce a winning colour combination.

The Elderflower upholstery has a subtle hint of yellow which keeps the colour scheme fresh and light. Alternatively we also offer the Hove Oatmeal upholstery which offers more texture.

We also offer a beautiful Smoke Blue accent colour alternative which can be paired with the Hove Oatmeal or Black upholstery.

swash backgrounds2.png

Gloss Chic

trouvaille colour options - indigo blue metallic and white just image.png
just colour palette trouvaille colour options -metallic blue's colour pallette_edited.png

An alternative upholstery 

mini and swatch metallic and grey seats.png

Glitter Blue Furniture alternative

mini and swatch glitter blue metallic and grey seats.png
mini and swatch glitter blue metallic and dark grey seats.png

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The gloss finish and metallic blue furniture brings a sophisticated and chic finish to this colour scheme. Available with either a lighter Hove Silver or darker Belfast Diesel upholstery to suit your preference.

Also interchangeable with a beautiful Glitter Blue furniture that subtly glistens in the sunlight.

swash backgrounds4.png

Colour Pop

just colour palette colour pop.png
colour pallete for colour pop only V2_edited.png

Upholstery alternatives

mini colour pop niagara green - black seats_.png
mini and swatch colour pop blue and black seats.png

A different colour pop

just colour palette colour pop yellow.png
just colour palette colour pop orange.png

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Bring some fun into your campervan with our Colour Pop interiors! Choose from our Delft Blue, Orange, Brilliant Yellow or Niagara Green accent colours. 


These can be paired with either the lighter Hove Silver or Black upholstery.


Along with our interior options, the outside of your campervan will be detailed with corresponding Orange Campers graphics

Campervan Graphics

OC Colouroptions.png

If you order from the Classic, Gloss Chic or Niagara Green Colour Pop interiors, your campervan will feature our iconic Green and Blue graphics.

blue stickers_edited.png
acctual orange_edited.png
orange stickers_edited.png

And if you choose to go with one of our fun Colour Pop interiors, there will be Blue, Orange or Yellow graphics to match the interior.

Looking for a more personalised campervan interior? 

We also offer a fully bespoke interior design upgrade for an additional £695. 

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