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A new home for the Orange Glow!

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

The Summer Sale is drawing to a close… and rightly so as the air starts to feel decidedly autumnal we review what has sold, what remains to be snapped up, and what Orange has planned for the coming months:

The Orange Glow has found a new home on the West Coast of Scotland!

A sad sale for us this weekend, but we are so glad it will be going to such lovely people, not forgetting of course Molly the dog! Ironically our clients visited on Thursday just as all our vans had left the unit to travel in convoy down to the Lincoln show….but they were happy to take a look at production. They saw a half built Trouvaille Actif and turned to each other, having seen many a campervan already and just said this is definitely the one for us! So if they liked a half built one they felt certain the fully finished item would be for them! And so goes the story of the Orange Glow’s new Scottish home! We hope there will be many happy adventures for them in this van!

And the Moondust Silver?

We asked you to watch this space on the Moondust Silver Trouvaille Actif demo which was recently sold in the sale, also purchased by a very nice couple who we met at the Malvern show. They loved it but really wanted a high top so that’s what we have built for them! The roof has come off and we have put a high top conversion on! Pic to follow next week as it’s still in the paint shop at the minute!

And here are the 2 ‘vans we have left

The Trouvaille Classique in metallic black is a stunning conversion and with a ready to go price of £59,999 inc VAT with a £4k saving it is incredible value for someone who doesn’t want to hang around until 2024 or join a waiting list. The interior décor is beautifully light and airy. And if you want a bit longer to consider this offer then you have a small extension until 10th OCTOBER to snap this ‘van up – HURRY – LIMITED TIME PRICE OFFER!

Value Trouvaille Classique Pop Top

Metallic Black - £4k saving!

Looking for something personalised instead?

In addition to our stock vans we also offer the chance to commission a Trouvaille Classique / Actif with a personalised interior. Get in contact today and you could have your campervan ready for the 2024 season!

Oh and watch this space for our Trouvaille Classique MWB van 5.4m long with some exciting interior features!!!


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