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An amazing transformation - from pop top to high top!

Updated: Feb 21

Give your pop top a high top makeover!

High top campervans are on trend of late amongst our Trouvaille clients…

So when asked if we could convert our Demo Trouvaille Actif Pop Top into a High Top edition we of course rose to the challenge…

Looks good don’t you think?

Other clients are also coming to us with their pop top ‘vans and we are helping them to realise their dreams.

We are specialists in the field of roof fitting, and we build an unrivalled high top conversion when it comes to extra storage and roof bed options. Check out the benefits here:

So if you have a pop top you have outgrown bring it us and we can work our magic!

We also offer a variety of bespoke services from small alterations to full conversions on your ‘van.

Just in case you forgot...

We also offer a whole host of add-ons not only for Trouvaille clients but also available for any campervan owner, including a comprehensive habitation service to help you keep your camper’ in tip top condition.

Autumn/ Winter is the ideal time of year to organise your ‘van so it is fully ready for the forthcoming new year of adventures ahead!

And if you take a trip to the Orange Camper’s HQ then whilst you wait check out what there is to do round and about.

Looking forward to your visit!


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