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Our 5 favourite places to take the van and why

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Over the years we've travelled a lot in our campervans as a young family of 4. If we had to pick, some of our top 5 places would be:

1.The parking bays next to the beach in San Sebastian - It's the Spanish equivalent of Rio de Janeiro and promises a view to die for!

2. Newfold Farm Campsite in Edale is our special place near to home. Dramatic landcscape, no phone signal and space for the kids to run free and make friends, plus the pizzas are so good!

3. Chatsworth Camping and Caravanning club site is a favourite of ours for winter camping. Highlights include using our own key to open the gate to Chatsworth grounds and feeding the onsite ducks!

4. Our own drive in Lockdown! Ha ha now it doesn't get much more exotic than this!

5. A magical secluded 1 acre camping meadow in Charlestown, Cornwall - it feels so exclusive and it really is. The brie and fried egg sandwiches are also delicious!


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