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First look at the new Trouvaille Classique MWB & the brand new layout!

The five things to think about for your campervan kitchen

Have a peek at our all-new luxury Trouvaille Classique Medium Wheel Base campervan just launching this April 2024. 

The ‘vans are the series 9 Fiat Ducato's with the 2024 registration numbers which are all brand-new and very exciting. 

The drive is incredible with its all-new electric steering and braking. It even has an electric handbrake and air conditioning. 

Overall the campervan is a highly desirable update with lots to offer inside…

Option 1 & Option 2 layout

For Option 1 we’re still offering the traditional side kitchen layout for these new Trouvaille Classique MWB’s, but with a bonus for tall people or anyone who wants a bigger sleeping space, we can offer a more spacious seven-foot long bed, which is rather incredible for a compact campervan!

Now let’s take a closer look at the Option 2 model…

 Inside you’ll see the new layout option which opens up a whole new way of using our ‘vans!

Right away as you come into the van you’ll see two RIB single seats, which are fully crash-tested with ISOFIX on each. We’ve gone for a lovely Darwin Tuscany green upholstery which is really striking. 

Seats in the Trouvaille Classique MWB

They provide a great set-up when travelling as they’re really close to the driver and passenger seat up front.

So when they’re spun round you can have a table in the middle for all four seats to use.

The front two seats can spin and the back two can slide forward, All customisable to suit your set-up!

Units in the Trouvaille Classique MWB
Units behind the seats where cushions will be

Bed layout

Behind the chairs are two storage units which are great places to keep your bedding in the daytime. They’ll have moveable cushions on top which will be used to create the 2 singles or 1 double bed.

The beds aren’t made up out of the front seats - you can keep those available while still having the beds set up

Bed in the Trouvaille Classique MWB
Single seat bed down showing where final cushion will be on the end

The two chairs can sleep either two singles or they slide together to meet in the middle to become a double bed. There’s a backrest so you can sit up in bed and recline comfortably. 

The beauty of having singles is you can walk between them and get in and out of the bathroom more easily at night!

In the pop top is a roof bed which pivots up and out the way into the roof space. This will give more head height for walking around during the day.

But even with the full six-foot bed in the roof, it will stop before reaching the kitchen, leaving you plenty of room to walk around at night-time too. There’s a big safety net enclosing the roof bed, so there’s no falling out!

Practicality is key

On the side walls next to the seats are USB and power sockets and next to them a little table that can lift up. The big windows on either side are also double-glazed with fly nets so you can safely leave them open in the summer without any annoying bugs coming in.

Of course, we have plenty of storage in all our ‘vans and the MWB Classique is no different!

Above the windows are two generous cupboards, and behind the seats are nice big wardrobes which will have removable shelves.

At the back will be a sit-down rear toilet with a sliding door to separate you from the rest of the ‘van.

A spacious kitchen

The van may be only 5.41-metres (making it very drivable and compact), but it feels lovely and spacious inside. 

In the kitchen, there is a grill oven option with plenty of drawers underneath. On top, there’s a bigger hob option with three burners. Next to that is a generous sink with a splashback, even more cupboards and a table extension. 

The fridge has had an upgrade as well as we’ve gone for a higher level 90-litre slim-line model with a freezer compartment. Once again there'll be cupboards above and below the fridge to make use of every inch of space.

Roof in the Trouvaille Classique MWB
Plenty of roof height in the kitchen

As we said above there is plenty of head height in the kitchen too, leaving you to freely walk around day or night!

We look forward to showing you the vans in person and we hope you like them as much as we do.

If you're reading this before 21st April 2024 then you're invited to our Orange Campers' Double Weekender! It's our big open day to celebrate the launch of the all new Trouvaille Classique MWB! Click her for all the info - hope to see you there.

Interested in one of our campervans?

Find out more about our van range here, and of course, if you have any questions or anything you'd like to discuss, do get in touch.

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