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High top editions

Here at Orange we like to cater for all of our clients' needs...

As many of you require more storage and don't want to manoeuvre a pop top we now have high top editions available on both the Trouvaille Classique and the Trouvaille Actif.


The cupboard space is incredible, and these sleek 'vans look stunning from both the exterior and the interior.


They give a superb feeling of space, unrivalled by any other SWB campervan on the market. They even offer a hinged roof bed for children or a small adult, and if you don't use it for sleeping this can double up as an extra storage area!

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Benefits of a high top roof

Quality fixed high top roof

Ensures greater head room. Includes skylight to give maximum light 

Additional Storage


Utilising the lower roof area and over cab space

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Ready to go


No need to lift or lower the roof, you're always ready to go



As there's no roof canvas on a high top roof!

DVLA approved


Your 'van will get DVLA approved campervan status

Own a pop top?

We can convert it into a high top 

Which vans can have a high top roof?

Most of our unconverted vans can have a high top roof fitted. We also occasionally have vans with factory fitted high tops available too. Take a look at our current in stock vans to see what is available:


Trouvaille Actif

High Top Edition


inc. VAT

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inc. VAT

Trouvaille Classique SWB

High Top Edition

Inside an Actif high top: