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Ordering your campervan

Once you've placed your deposit for your Trouvaille campervan and secured a build slot, there are some important and exciting decisions that need to be made

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Roof Type

The first decision that needs to be made is whether you would like a pop top or high top roof.

Pop Top

The extreme canvas pop top opens up to provide extra head room and can be fully opened to bring in the light and fresh air.

High Top

A raised roof provides so much extra headspace that you can comfortably stand and move around without ever feeling claustrophobic. Plus, even more storage space!

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Next choose from a variety of interior options within our three design categories, Classic Trouvaille, Glossy Chic or Colour Pop

Alternatively for a truly personal campervan, choose to upgrade to our bespoke service for an additional £695

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We understand that different lifestyles need different approaches.


Therefore, to create a campervan that is suited to you, we have a whole host of extras that you can select from.

Full extras list
Finally, join our

Trouvaille Owner's Club

The Trouvaille Owner's Club is a private forum where owners can chat, swap campervan and travel tips, and post favourite photos!

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