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Where will you take yours?

Updated: Feb 21

It’s pretty wintery out there and it’s hard to imagine a sunny campervan trip, but look no further for inspiration!

Our members’ group all have their own plans in the pipeline as do Richard and Sonya….so let’s find out where they will be taking their Trouvaille in 2024! 

The Hackneys were our first handover for 2024 with a Trouvaille Classique on a brand new Peugeot Boxer:

We had a nice drive back home on Friday in our new campervan, the driving seat position is perfect! We spent most of the weekend moving all our camping equipment into the campervan - which just seemed to be swallowed up into all the cupboards with space to spare! We managed to have our first afternoon outing and bacon butties in the Wiltshire Downs on Sunday.
Our initial plans are to go out and about for spontaneous day trips and weekends… Then longer trips to Ireland, Channel Islands, France or Belgium. There are so many possibilities!

We have more brand new vans like this available so please enquire. Prices start from £66,999 inc VAT! Order yours now – these vans are rare and won’t be around forever!

The Slarks are also starting off not too far from home and then fizzing it up!

Kicking off 2024 with a Norfolk trip this weekend.  Slightly more aspirational, we’re planning a week of cycling and wine in Alsace at the end of May, travelling via Epernay for some fizz!

The Turners will be hitting the Basque country in style in May!

Ferry to Bilbao. Few days around there, then off up through Basque region, Dordogne Champagne Country. Taking in as many markets and brocantes, as I can convince Peter to suffer! Can't wait to spend a month pottering about in our fabulous home from home!

The Pluck family of 4 are trying France this year after an incredible Spanish adventure last summer!

We're off to Normandy, Brittany mid August. 2 weeks touring... Still 'discussing' which ferry route to take to get there!

The Harrisons are off to Le Tour!

France in July making our way via Ypres (Belgium), to Epernay, Dijon exploring and watching the Tour de France, back via Rheims area I think 10 nights

The Cotterills are planning a beautiful road trip to

France, Switzerland & Italy for April / May hoping for a 2-3 weeks holiday

And last but not least where will Richard and Sonya be taking their Trouvaille Classique/ Actif this year?

Winter trips out into the Peak District – we never stop using our camper!

An Easter trip to Edinburgh, then Cornwall in May to revisit our favourite beaches, and then a summer trip to the Basque country in July/August to San Sebastián – tapas and surf capital of Spain here we come! 

Where will you be taking yours?

Order now and plan your dream trip with Orange – orders being taken NOW for the 2024 season!

Get in touch and let us help you make your dreams come true!


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