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Buying a campervan? Make it easy with our step-by-step buyers guide

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

You've done all your research, been to a few shows, compared our vans and binged all of our YouTube content... and now you're ready to invest in the camper of your dreams...

The next question is, how do you actually buy a campervan?!

We've put together this step-by-step campervan buyers guide to make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Before you begin...

One of the first steps before you can begin the buying process, is to work out the financial side of making this investment into your lifestyle and your future.

Buying a campervan can be an excellent financial investment, because vans typically have great resale values, they can be hired out through hiring partners to recoup some of the costs, and using the van for weekends away and holidays obviously means saving on hotels when you travel.

Chat to us about finance options - you don't need a lottery win to be able to afford a camper! Many of our customers have come up with creative and interesting ways to invest in their Trouvaille, so do get in touch to discuss how to make buying a camper work for you.

Once you're ready to order

Finances sorted, it's time to tell us you're ready to say yes to new adventures by registering your interest. This means arranging a call where we can get a better understanding of your needs and your lifestyle, and can guide you through choosing between our short wheel base Trouvaille Actif, based on the Ford Transit Custom, or our medium wheel base Trouvaille Classique, which is a Fiat Ducato conversion.

We'll also talk you through the order process, and get you thinking about your choice of interior finishes and optional extras.

Booking your slot

A £5000 deposit secures your build slot, and at this point we'll be able to confirm the time line based on our schedule as well as van availability from the vehicle manufacturer.

If you're planning on spending summer in the van, make sure you book early, as build slots fill up pretty quickly!

Getting ready to build

As we prepare for your build, we'll get in touch to finalise your interior choices and any extras you've chosen.

As campervan fanatics it's important to us that your van has everything it needs for the ultimate van experience, so most of our features come as standard, however we do have a few optional extras to help take things to the next level, and can also add custom features.

During the build

We're just as excited as you about all those new adventures in your not-too-distant future, so we'll keep in touch during the build process with updates when we can, and perhaps even a picture or two if one of the marketing folk are around to get a decent shot!

Delivery day!

Obviously the most exciting day of all is when you get to come in and collect your van, driving away the proud owner of a new Trouvaille!

Wherever you take her first is up to you, but please do join us in the members club to share pictures and anecdotes of your adventures with us.

Not ready to buy yet?

That's ok, we're more than happy for you to browse around, follow us on YouTube, learn more about the campervan lifestyle on our blog, or come and say hi when you're visiting the next show.

Or if you're really keen, remember we hire out our vans too so you can try before you buy, getting a good taste for campervanning kitted out with all the extras that we personally add for an unforgettable van experience, like our luxury mattress toppers and organic cotton sheets!

Get the inside scoop on our favourite sites

You're not a campervanner if you don't have a secret list of favourite sites to frequent, and we've been doing this for 20+ years so our list is pretty impressive!

If you want to get your hands on it, we're sharing our secret sites recommendations with our subscribers each month. Sign up here to join the inner circle and get access to Rich & Sonya's secret sites in your inbox!


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