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How to care for your Orange Campervan

Updated: Feb 21

Now the nights have drawn in and you're not off travelling every weekend, it is the perfect time to get your van ready for all of next year’s adventures!

From booking a habitation check to fitting out new appliances or furniture, think about everything you’ve wanted to get done on your van. It’s a huge investment you’ve made in the first palace so why not look after it properly? Here’s our guide on how to care for your Orange Campervan.

Keep your van in tip-top condition

When you’ve spent all that money in the first place to buy your dream campervan, you should spend some time looking after it properly. That includes booking your van for a full valet (think of it as a gift to your van) and a habitation check!

We just launched a new service exclusively for our Orange Family to help you make the most out of your campervan. We are now offering annual Habitation Checks for all of our clients, and we recommend them to keep your van running as smoothly as possible. It will give you peace of mind before you set out on your many adventures which we have seen in the members' area – we love to see all of the lovely places your Trouvailles are taking you to!

The annual, fully comprehensive habitation check is £349 inc VAT and includes the following:

  • Gas leak detection

  • Gas appliance safety and operation check

  • 240v electrical safety and operation check

  • 12v electrical safety and operation check

  • Fire and safety device checks

  • Conversion inspection and operation check

  • Damp and water ingress check

  • Elevating roof inspection and maintenance

  • Step inspection and maintenance

Don’t forget the interior

Whilst you’ll probably clean the interior every day, now is the best time for a deeper clean. It’s best to do this before a trip so if you have nothing planned until the spring, it’s a great opportunity to clean it now (or get someone else to do it for you).

Get that new van feeling again with our valeting service and save yourself the stress of cleaning! It will return like new not only on the interior but also on the exterior as we clean that too. Please enquire for details of our valet services as we can add them on to our habitation checks too.

Retrofit a few more luxury extras!

Now you have used your campervan and you feel totally at home with it, why not enhance your experience and add in a few more little luxuries? Perhaps you are finding you have a thirst for the off-grid experience and want to add a bigger solar panel and a lithium battery so you don’t have to be bothered with campsites. Or maybe you want to work from your campervan and would like us to fit WIFI?

If you can’t afford any major changes, how about making some smaller adjustments? Maybe you need a new fly screen (It’s proving very popular right now) or the mini table insert (one of our bestsellers)? We’re sure you’ve come across little improvements you’d love to make to your van so now’s the time to get it done to either your Actif or Classique model.

Whether you need more comfort or more functionality to your van, Orange Campers would be happy to help, no matter how big or small the changes will be. Checks, upgrades and cleaning are what we offer so why not let us help you out? Contact us today to get booked in!

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