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Cooking in a Campervan

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

There are two types of people in the world, those whose lives revolve around food and those who only eat because they have to...

As a family we are definitely in the first camp and love cooking, eating and trying new foods, but how does this translate over to a campervan? They're not known for their kitchens and an assumption we come across a lot is that you have to cook and eat like you're in a tent. Definitely not true at all, and in this post we'll let you know exactly how wrong this is and share with you some of our favourite foods we like to cook and eat in our 'van.

In case you're new here, we have to tell you that the whole concept of the Trouvaille is based around the importance of food (and sleep of course!). This is why we choose to include the incredible 90 litre fridge in both the Classique and Actif campervans. This means you can pack up the van and not have to worry if you are camping somewhere remote as you will always have provisions. It also makes organising your fridge easier as the usual 50 litre ones are rather pokey! No more fridge tetris and making difficult decisions about what you can take with you!

Not only do we have the 90 litre fridge and 2 burner gas hobs in all our 'vans - we also have an external BBQ point - perfect for the times when you want to cook for by the beach or just simply make the most of al fresco dining!

Campervan cooking ideas?

Okay, so now we've told you about the equipment you have in your 'van, what can you cook in one? The answer is (almost) anything!

We love cosy cooking for 2 in the campervan, perfect for a date night with a difference. Our favourites include making a risotto together in the hills, or the time we cooked a curry on the Cadac BBQ by the river in Hartington where we got married. There is something just very comforting about food and campervans and it makes for perfect relaxing evening vibes.

Our other favourite is cooking BBQ food for the whole family on the Cadac - hooked up to the highly practical external BBQ point - be it by the beach or on the campsite, we love the versatility and options this facility gives you.

One pot dishes such as hotpots, pastas and curries always are a winner, and don't forget about the ease of stir fries, fajitas and rice bowls. Sonya rarely uses a recipe book but she does put one into the hire 'vans to inspire you if you're feeling a bit stuck!

Practicalities of campervan cooking

As much as we love cooking in our 'van, it's also hugely practical being able to cook anywhere we like. All parents will know that you're on a ticking clock as soon as the words "I'm hungry" are uttered by your offspring, and by being able to cook at service stations, carparks and wherever our journey takes us saves meltdowns and also saves on spending on overpriced service station fast food.

It also makes it really easy to hold group gatherings - you can invite friends and family to camp with you and you can feasibly feed a good sized crowd out of your Trouvaille - as frequently discussed in our Owners Group on Facebook!

We had a lovely trip to Guernsey in ours Richard. We fed 10 in it one day as we went with the family. We love the van very much ❤️ - Ray & Lesley

At our first ever Members Only Campout we catered out of 2 Trouvailles for 25 guests - storing most of the BBQ meat in one fridge alone - incredible!!!

So, what do you think? If we've piqued your interest about Campervan life now that we've reassured you that you can eat just as well in the 'van as at home, why not try out one of our vans for hire?


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