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How to afford the campervan of your dreams

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

From finance to trade-ins, from share schemes to windfalls, there are more creative ways to afford the campervan of your dreams than you can imagine.

Thinking of investing in a hand-crafted, quality conversion from Orange Campers?

After thinking about whether a campervan is a good investment, and wondering about all the questions that naturally come up if you're a first time buyer, the next question is usually how to make it happen financially.

Many people feel like they'd have to win the lottery or become one of those overnight YouTube sensations to be able to afford a new campervan! But that's just not true.

There are plenty of ways to afford that dream campervan, and after 20+ years being involved in all things campervan, we have more than a few creative ideas for you.

So let's get into it...

1. Trade in the family car

Our first tip is the simplest one.

When you invest in an Orange Camper - particularly our Ford Transit Trouvaille Actif model - it's compact and easy enough to drive that you can use it as your daily family vehicle.

By trading in your car, you will save on the insurance and road tax of an extra vehicle, and only have one vehicle to maintain as well.

2. Van share with family or friends

Quite a few of our customers do this, and it's a brilliant way to get all the benefits of owning a campervan, with a fraction of the liability involved in owning a vehicle.

You could alternate weeks or weekends, draw up a monthly schedule, or plan out your whole year's usage in advance.

Our customers who van share especially love that everyone gets to enjoy maximum use of the van, while still enjoying different types of holidays or weekends away in-between.

3. Hire out your van via a rental site

According to van rental site, van owners can earn £5000 to £10000 per year renting their van out via their website - and we can virtually guarantee that one of our eye-catching Trouvaille's will be a popular choice for hirers! says that in peak season, you can expect to earn £900 to £1200 per week for a 4-berth like our Classique and Actif models - not a bad return on an investment into your lifestyle.

4. Van finance

We partner with a finance company Pegasus. To find out more about van finance via our partners at Pegasus finance, click this link to use their finance calculator.

5. We can re-sell your van for you

While we don't offer a buy-back scheme as yet, we are in the business of selling campervans, so one of the options we've made available to previous customers is to sell their van for them after a period of time.

This allows you the freedom of investing in a new van, with the confidence that after a few years - perhaps when your balloon payment on your finance is due, or when you're ready to upgrade - you can trust the experts to sell your van on for you

6. Windfall or Inheritance

It can happen that you come into enough money to invest in something substantial that'll improve your lifestyle, and if that's the case, you really can't go wrong with an Orange Camper!

Being an excellent quality conversion with consistent after sales service AND the bonus of a dedicated members club, you'll always be in good hands and in good company with us!


Whichever way you manage to afford it, investing in an Orange Camper will set you up for years of memories and adventures in an excellent quality van that

  • Suits your lifestyle;

  • Offers excellent after sales service; AND

  • Retains its value for years to come.

We're always happy to have a chat about about which is the best campervan for you, so if you have any questions, do get in touch.


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