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A brighter January thanks to our new friends from the Peterborough show

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Thank you so much everyone for brightening up our January by visiting us on the ‘Orange’ stand this past weekend.

We hope you enjoyed looking around our stand and exploring our campervans. Here is a little reminder of what you saw:

Many visitors to our stand said it was evident that our attention to detail is second to none.

We pride ourselves on excellent build quality and innovative design. It’s the little things that matter, that’s why we stay in our own campervans as a family and tweak the design according to our experience.

Lots of you said that you felt as if the Actif was more spacious compared to similar campervans.

A clever use of space means that we have been able to fit the widest bed possible (RIB 120). We have also included the 90 litre fridge which you will find in no other Ford Transit Custom on the market! Additionally, we have upgraded our roof to the SCA - this is by far the best and most spacious in it’s class and the Froli sprung roof mattress ensures maximum comfort.

Key features:

✅ Carlike drive

✅ Spacious interior feel

✅ 90l fridge with freezer compartment

✅ Double bed (RIB120) – one of the largest in its class

✅ 200w solar, deep cycle leisure battery, external rear shower, factory fitted roof rails for sports equipment, 17” alloys, mLSD for challenging terrain

Plus lots lots more.

The Actif is a vehicle that will give you confidence on challenging terrain and allow you to break free from routine and pursue your dreams. Load up your surf board or kayak and set off on the open road - what are you waiting for!


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