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Realise Your Dreams with Orange - Customer Story

Updated: Feb 21

Our last handover of 2023 was with the Embleys (in the picture above).

They attended the NEC Campervan Show but came home disillusioned that they had not found the ‘van of their dreams. They were looking through one of the magazines they had purchased whilst there, saw the Orange Campers’ advert and looked us up. Not only were we local to them but we also had the high top transit custom they were looking for! They came to see us and the rest is history.  

As you can see, they were thrilled with the end results!

We managed to get our new van home safely and will need a few days to find our way round all the features. We can't believe how smart it looks. You've all done a brilliant job helping us with the planning and then fitting out the van superbly and also incredibly quickly!

The pictures above are of their maiden voyage to Cambridgeshire, and after their first night they said:

We've just had a very cosy night in the van even though there's frost on the ground this morning. The heater and insulation are working a treat. We're not used to such luxury!

They’re off to Spain and Portugal next month, so watch this space for updates! It sounds very exciting doesn’t it?

Want a full tour of their van? Watch the video linked below:

If you too are ready for new adventures then plan your 2024 build right now to be Summer Ready!

We can currently source brand new Transit Custom Active vans. Autos are £75,499inc VAT and available in a range of colours.

Please enquire for further details on these models!


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