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Same length as a VW, but with a lot more room!

Updated: Feb 21

Why buy a Classique Value option? Tell me more about the space!!!

Based on the shortwheelbased Fiat Ducato / Peugeot Boxer, the Trouvaille Classique Value Option is under 5 metres long.

Comparable in length to a SWB T6.1 but, being wider, the Ducato / Boxer provides the extra space necessary to offer a more spacious living area. With a head height of 5’4” with the roof down, the Classique is a higher than average low roof camper and it is also wider at 2.05m. We like to think of it as being slightly larger than a campervan but not quite a motorhome…it’s hovering somewhere in-between It also boasts a surprisingly large boot space for a small campervan meaning you can comfortably fit in those bulkier items such as a mattress topper or drive away awning.

So you get all this lovely space and guess what? You can still park it in a regular car parking space!

This really is such a versatile ‘van – pop to the shops, use it as your daily drive, chuck in your stuff and off you go for the weekend – it’s so simple!

Oh and not forgetting the bed space – it’s incredible. A full size double bed in a SWB van! And a large roof bed fully reinforced to support 2 adults. It’s all about the sleeping and eating… and with the 90 litre fridge you certainly won’t be running out of food!

I want one! When can I have it?

Well there is a low mileage excellent condition pop top and high top Classique ready to go in stock right now:

Value Trouvaille Classique

Pop top

Metallic Black

Value Trouvaille Classique

High top

Iron Grey

You may want to add some extras but it’s a quick turnaround and you can catch the end of the summer in your very own Value Classique!

Want to know more about our value option vans? Watch Richard showing you our new demo Classique built on a value option Peugeot Boxer at our recent show in Edinburgh:


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