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Is a compact campervan a good idea?

We have a secret to share... and we hope you'll keep this to yourself!

As seasoned enthusiasts who love all things campervan, it's kind of hard to admit... but the things is, we've tried out just about every possible type of van there is, and we have to say... the big guys just don't do it for us!

The truth is, our compact little Orange Campers are the best way to campervan... in our humble (ahem.. 20 years experience) opinion of course.

We'll tell you why, and perhaps by the end of this article you'll agree: compact vans are the way to go!

Compact campers are better reason #1: Driveability

Our first reason is a very practical one: A compact camper is just so easy to drive.

Our base vehicles here at Orange Campers are very versatile and drivable, with the Ford Transit Custom Active in particular offering a very car-like drive.

Comfort features like cruise control, rain-sensing wipers and Sat Nav come as standard on the Actif 'van, and with the safety of Isofix points on the back bench seat, you could easily use either the Actif or the Classique compact 'vans as a second vehicle for the family.

Power steering makes the van a pleasure to drive and manoeuvre through tricky roads you're unfamiliar with, and added to that, our Trouvaille Actif version comes with limited split differential as standard, which means getting in and out of slightly rougher terrain when you take a van off grid won't be a problem.

Compact campers are better reason #2: Versatility

A compact camper means worry free camping, because you'll always find a site without having to book ahead, and you can navigate your van just about anywhere - narrow lanes and tricky roads won't be an issue at all.

Whilst bigger vans need a hard standing pitch - which can be quite sought after - in a compact van you can pitch in a field, on a grass stand, anywhere really! This gives you the freedom to go off-grid anywhere you like, and you can even book last minute because you won't have to worry about securing a specific spot.

With our solar panels and lithium battery package you won't need to worry about a hookup either - just pitch up in any field, totally off-grid, and enjoy your spot in nature. With the mlsd that the Actif gives you, you'll have that extra bit of traction to take your camper off-road, even on slightly rougher terrain.

From the city centre to the tiniest of country lanes, you need never be frightened of new places or worried about what the roads might be like in a compact van.

Thanks to its compact size, you won't have any trouble navigating the tiny lanes you're likely to encounter in all the best travelling locations, and planning out where to park when you go to the supermarket or to visit a busy beach won't be an issue either.

You just can't get that kind of driving freedom from a bigger van.

Compact campers are better reason #3: Spontaneity

Imagine waking up to see that the waves are good at a beach 2 hours away, and just jumping in your van to head out for a little adventure.

You won't have to worry about where to park, about booking a campsite that suits your requirements, about navigating unknown roads or learning about special permits.

A compact van gives you the potential to discover so much more - just as you could in a normal car - which means you can be completely spontaneous.

Even whilst you're away on holiday, if you hear about a festival or a particularly interesting museum, all you have to do is detach your drive away awning and hit the road - no planning required.

Stopping for lunch or a snack along the way couldn't be easier either. Park up wherever you like and enjoy the view while you make some quick sandwiches or enjoy an ice lolly from the extra large fridge's freezer compartment.

Compact 'vans really are all about saying 'YES' to new adventures - you can take them anywhere, to enjoy any environment, without all the planning that comes with a bigger vehicle.

Compact campers are better reason #4: Flexibility

You've likely read this article about all the uses we've found for our van, and that's just another of the reasons why we love having a compact camper in our lives.

Ours lives on our driveway - no need to find additional storage or build an extra large driveway to accommodate your van. It's just like a normal car, so you can literally park it anywhere a car can go.

Having it to hand means we can use it as a spare bedroom at any time, whether someone comes to stay with us, or whether we're visiting friends and family for a night or two. Nothing could be simpler than just taking your bedroom with you - No booking hotels or inconveniencing nieces and nephews who have to sleep on the sofa when you come to stay!

Of course our van quite often doubles as a spare office too - we've got a 12v charger for a laptop and everything can run off-grid. One of our customers likes to park his van in a different spot every day while he works remotely. Imagine getting your work done with a different view every day - bliss!!

Compact campers are better reason #5: Looks-a-bility

Well this one is a bit obvious isn't it...?

Compact vans are just infinitely better-looking than those big monster motorhomes that steal all your sunshine when they pull up next to you!

Both our Trouvaille Classique and Trouvaille Actif vans have their own special kind of aesthetic appeal.. although it has to be said that our gorgeous Orange Glow Actif is the most eye-catching and trendy-looking van we've built to date.

Whichever you choose, there's room to load up your surfboards, kayaks, bikes and any other toys you can think of, which we think only adds to the adventure-seeking, spontaneous, versatile and flexible appeal of our great-looking compact campers!

And of course, whichever van you choose comes with an excellent quality build, exceptional attention to detail, and every convenience you can think of to make for the ultimate van experience, so you really can't go wrong with a compact camper from Orange.

Not only that, our quality campers will hold their value for years to come, making them an excellent investment that'll add so much to your lives.

Find out more about our van range here, and of course, if you have any questions or anything you'd like to discuss, do get in touch.

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