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What's in a name?

Many of our clients love their campers so much they want to give them names!

Here's a selection of the names our members group have told us about...What would you call yours?

  • An Orange Glow Trouvaille Actif named ‘Tufty’ after the road safety red squirrel, and to honour their late Father who entertained at the Tufty Club

  • ‘Ele’ the Trouvaille Classique, named so because the their campervan weights 3.5 tons - the same size as a female African elephant

  • ‘Rocky', the Classique built on a Peugeot Boxer!

  • Ferdinand - meaning to wander

  • Leo - Bought very much with following the Tour de France in mind. Hence the yellow colour and the name!

  • Tubby 2, as their first campervan was named Tubby!

  • '16' - they're sticking with the production line number for the name! But their campervan is also referred to as the ‘family removal van’ and ‘soft play venue’ for the grandchildren too

  • Ginny 

  •  The family call it ‘the chip van’. But their son says it should be ‘The Presidential Palace’, as the Father has just been made President of my Old Boys Association

  • Connie

  • Frankie - Pictured this last weekend with a post "let's get the awning down whilst it is dry, ready for going home tomorrow" set-up!

Plus we also have:

  • Vandalf the Grey, for a grey campervan

  • Milli (short for Millimole) 

  • Joycie, named after a late mother

  • Emmet 

  • Voyager 

A big part of a campervans' personality is the colour scheme. We have a wide range of interior design options to choose from, or you can add on a bespoke design package to truly make it your own.

When you buy an Orange camper you become part of the Orange family with a whole load of perks, like your annual invite to our campout and exclusive membership to our owner's group. And as for clients' opinions, don't ask us! Check out for yourself what they have to say about their experiences here. I think we can safely say they are all very happy Trouvaille owners 😀




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