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Join us for our summer 2024 Orange Campers' campout!

Start your summer with a bang and join us on our summer 2024 Orange Campers' campout!

A man knelt in front of a firepit surrounded by happy campers in chairs in a grass field.

For our next campout, we’re heading up north to the outskirts of the Peak District. Bank House Farm is a site that we’ve had our eye on for a while and we’re delighted to have booked the entire upper field, with room for up to 20 campervans. Join us from Friday 28th June for 2 days of great food and great company for a long weekend.

What to expect at our summer 2024 Orange Campers' campout

Don’t worry if you’ve never been to anything like this before, we’re very nice, we promise. We also appreciate that you might not want to spend three full days with people you’ve not met before, so we don’t have an itinerary for the weekend.

However, we will have a visit to the pub opposite the campsite on the Friday night (the Manifold Inn) and a barbecue on the second night where we all gather around the campfire for chat, fun and laughter! It’s always such a lovely experience getting to know some other fellow Orange Campers. We had nothing but compliments from our previous campout in 2023! Come with an open mind and you’ll definitely make some new friends.

On the Saturday, we often try to find a local activity or event for everyone to attend but it’s not a necessity. Last year, there was a beer festival nearby and everyone stopped by at some point in the day. However, we try to book a site in an area with lots to do. Bank House Farm has lots of beautiful walks, cycle trails and, our personal highlight, even a cheese shop nearby.

Your fellow Orange Campers

It’s also the perfect chance to check out each other’s ‘vans and see if you want to make any changes to your own. Chat with your fellow Orange Campers about which features they included in their ‘vans and see if it would work for you. Whilst everyone will have the same campervan on site, no ‘van is the same because of our bespoke fitting service!

We love finding out how your Orange Campers have enhanced your life and that’s why we host our annual campout. We have those who are in their first year of campervan life and those who’ve been at it for over twenty years. Everyone is always willing to share their top tips and advice on everything from their favourite campsites to how they keep their ‘vans organised!

As hosts, we (Richard and Sonya) are always available to chat all things campervan as well as get you booked in for any upgrades you’ve been inspired to make to your ‘van from looking at other ‘vans over the weekend. We love the sense of community we’ve been able to create with Orange Campers so it’s always nice to see some new and familiar faces.

Anyone is welcome to join us at our summer 2024 Orange Campers' campout. In fact, we usually bring our children Billy and Charlie along too. Just let us know how many people you’ll be bringing along and we’ll see if we can find some activities in the area for children.

How to book the summer 2024 Orange Campers' campout

Do you think this sounds like a fun way to spend a long weekend? All you have to do is send us an email to with the subject “Summer 2024 Orange Campers' campout” to get the ball rolling. You’ll then receive a link to book your space online.

After booking a spot, we send you what you need to know straight away and will also email you about food arrangements (for the pub meal and barbecue) closer to the time.

We always have such a great weekend as a community so please join us for a fun and relaxing long weekend in the Peak District for our summer 2024 Orange Campers' campout.

A few extras you might need to know about:

  • A pitch for Tent/Camper including 2 persons and 1 vehicle - £28 per night (2 nights minimum stay)

  • Additional adults - £6 each

  • Additional children - £3 each

  • Additional Car - £5

  • Gazebos should be no larger than 3m x 3m

Even if you don't yet have your Trouvaille / Micro Camper from Orange, don't worry! There are some build slots left before then so get your camper pre-ordered or buy a ready-to-go stock 'van, and make 2024 the year YOU bring your very own campervan to the Orange Campout!


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