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Brand new Ford Transit Custom Camper vans arriving soon!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

We've got big news we're really excited to share...

Orange Campers has secured a big delivery of Ford Transit Custom Active vans for arrival this April, which means we can make sure you'll be summer ready!

All of these vans are brand new Ford Transit Customs, and will have a 2023 registration with 0 miles on the clock.

Both manual and automatic vans are available, ready to be converted to our Trouvaille Actif campervan model!

As you'll know if you've been following us for a while, we only build our vans on high spec Fords, so your van will be ready and factory-fitted with all the luxury features you'll need for your outdoor adventures.

Your brand new campervan will be handcrafted in-house at the Orange Campers workshop - with most extras included as standard - so you'll also have the opportunity to choose your own interior colours and finishes from our extensive online range.

Build slots are available from May 2023 onwards - Plan ahead now and be spring/summer ready! Ford Transit Customs will be available in three colours

Click on the images below to find out more:


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