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Why an Orange Campers Campervan is brilliant for winter adventures

Updated: Feb 21

When people buy a campervan, they mostly think about how fun it will be to use it over the summer. However, campervans are for life, not just for warm weather! Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still have lots of adventures in your 'van.

Every winter we get loads of pictures of our owners having fantastic times away in their campervans, and we ourselves love a cold adventure too! All of our campervans are designed with comfort in mind, so here is exactly how we make sure you're comfortable in your 'van in winter:

Our campers are fully insulated

It's the thing that makes the biggest difference to our campervans. We use foil backed foam insulation on the walls and floors of every 'van, which help to keep the cold out and the heat in.

Any deep cavities that can't be used for storage space (you know how we love to pack our 'vans with storage space!) are filled with recycled plastic insulation, then another layer of the foil backed foam to really make sure we stop as much heat as possible escaping. Once they're both in place, we add a vapour barrier. This stops moisture getting into those cavities to help prevent rust.

We think of the windows too

Our Classique's have double glazed windows like those you find in your house, which helps to reduce condensation, and again, keep the heat in rather than letting it escape.

For your front windows we can offer a thermal wrap to help with heat loss, and also for your pop top roof as well. Covering all the top spots where you lose heat really helps to keep your 'van nice and warm.

High top 'vans are warmer than pop tops

Understandably our high top 'vans are warmer than our pop tops, as they're fully enclosed and we can insulate the roof in the same way we insulate the walls and floors.

Campervans have heating

Something that we often surprise people new to the campervan life with is that all our campervans have heating included as standard. The gas blown air heaters put out a good amount of heat and are perfect at keeping you warm and toasty even at sub-zero temperatures.

There is also the option for diesel heating which means you can have the heating on whilst you're driving too.

We take pride in the small details

It's not just the basics like the heating and the insulation that we think of when it comes to using your 'van in winter, it's also the small things like we make sure that your fresh and waste water tanks are insulated, to avoid any mishaps there.

We also offer the option of larger solar panels which will help to pull as much energy as possible out of the weaker winter sun - for more on this check out our blog post all about off-gridding.

There's also the possibility of having hot water, so you can use the outdoor shower all year round without getting too cold.

Sleeping in a 'van in winter might sound daunting but with an Orange Campers Campervan, you can enjoy 'van life all year round!

With 'vans for sale right now, we’re excited to help make your travelling in a campervan in winter life come true! Contact us today for any conversions and upgrades you want to add to help you embrace winter travel.


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