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Campervan gear essentials - everything you need to pack for a great campervan experience

You've bought your Trouvaille Classsique/Actif campervan from us, and you're planning your first adventure out (maybe to one of our secret sites?)

Now you're wondering, what on earth do you need to pack? There are the obvious basics like toilet roll and a first aid kit. But what about the things you might not think of, especially if you've not been on a campervan trip before?

You could check out our pages on our Actif extras or a Classique extras, or just keep reading to learn from our years of experience, and let you know what our gamechangers are. Seriously, we won't leave home without them!

Starting off with the most important thing in our opinion, sleeping:

Mattress Topper

Our Classique and Actif campervans have a full size double bed, so they're a good size, perfect for stretching out in after a full day of travel. The seat that we fit (RIB120 on an Actif and RIB130 on a Classique) makes for a firm sleep, so if you prefer a softer mattress, a mattress topper is our number one necessity. It also adds that extra bit of luxury. And we all know that a good nights sleep makes for a good day of adventures!

Excellent Bedding

To continue our good nights sleep theme - having the best bedding possible helps to complete the luxury sleeping experience. We're talking organic cotton sheets and Devon sheep's wool duvets. They help to give you that hotel feel whilst on the road.

Thermal Exterior Cab Blinds and Pop Top Blinds

If you're anything like us, you need it to be nice and dark to get a full nights sleep, especially in the summer with the early sunrises, so having black out blinds is non-negotiable for us. Our blackout blinds that we have an optional extra on our vans are also thermal, which prevent internal condensation and keeps the heat in and out of the van (depending on which season you're in). Perfect all year round.

Now that we've got the sleeping and the temperature right, the next thing we need to make sure of is that we're all well fed:

The Cadac gas BBQ

We hook up our Cadac gas BBQ to our external BBQ point on the van and this means that we can cook outside wherever we fancy. Our favourite place to cook is by the beach, it just adds to the experience, coming out of the sea to a bacon sandwich, heaven!


This is one that not everyone will consider an essential, but many of our clients love having the microwave as an option for making quick food that's low-stress and low-mess.

Something that we don't always think of until we've started heading out in our campervans is the organisation systems. Especially if you have children, you'll find that you tend to need to take a lot of "stuff", and as much as you try to pack light, there's a certain minimum that just comes with the territory. We have a couple of solutions for this though, so we're not having to sleep surrounded by piles of things.

Drive-away Awning and Awning rail

The awning is the perfect place to store the kids car seats whilst we're away, plus any extra things like bikes, scooters, body boards and any of the extra things that come with having a child. It really helps to give us extra living space, and it's easy to put up and put down.

Awning Organisers

We have some amazing organisers for the awning from Vango - these are perfect for getting things up off the tables and the floor, and just for attempting to keep things that bit tidier.

We've covered lots of standard essentials in this post, but there are always extra little things that just add that bit of luxury to your travels that we wouldn't be without. These final few things for us are:


We're sure you've already heard of them before, but dry-robes are a necessity for keeping warm in the UK weather. We don't sell them - yet, but there are plenty available online to choose from. Trust us, once you've tried one you won't be without them from then on!

Padded Chair

This may make us seem older than we are, but our Vango padded chairs are so comfy. We're constantly turfing the kids out of them, and we wouldn't be without them now!

Wi-Fi Booster

As much as it's nice to get away from it all when you go away, sometimes you just have to work. Or the football/rugby is on and you don't want to miss it. Yes, campsites often have WiFi, but sometimes it's not good for much more than a quick Facebook check. Our wi-fi boosters enable you to work wherever you are, no matter how remote, giving you the best of both worlds, to be connected, yet disconnected at the same time!

Lithium Battery Upgrade

If you caught our previous blog post about off-gridding in a campervan you'll know the key to camping off-grid is a comprehensive lithium and solar package. ( Standard on the Actif and available as an upgrade on the Classique). Freedom from hook up means you can be more creative with your stopovers and you're not tied to campsites. So liberating!

External Cold Water Shower & Fly screen

These have been the most invaluable extras on our recent hol' to Cornwall in our Value Option Trouvaille Classique. Hosing off the sand after daily beach trips has been a godsend to keep the 'van clean. Plus when summer finally turned up, we really did need that fly screen to keep us cool in the evenings whilst keeping the bugs out!

These are just some of our must-have extras for the campervan, most of which are available to add into your build - definitely check them out, and have a chat with us for our advice.

Have you got any extras that you wouldn't be without? Let us know in the comments!


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