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How Great Is This Campervan!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

There's nothing quite like happy client testimonials to let you know just how great our 'vans really are! Michael Shanks is part of the Orange family. He first met us at the Newbury show in May 2021 and took delivery of his beautiful Trouvaille Classique not so long ago!

"How great is this van! While VW campervans do have a certain "cool" reputation, Ruth and I both felt that we needed more space if we were going to cope with van life for extended periods in damp Ireland and beyond. The Orange Campers Trouvaille Classic is based on a Fiat Ducato, specifically the L1H1, short wheelbase, low roof model. It is amazingly spacious and the extra headroom over a VW or Ford Transit means my wife can stand up with the pop-top down! I am 5'10" and just have to stoop a little while standing - I would have to be on my knees in a VW! It also means that in cold or very windy weather you can live perfectly comfortably with the roof down. When the roof is up it is like a Tardis - tons of room for 4 adults to socialise if the weather is essential benefit in Ireland!

Our van has everything you could reasonably need or want in a van, all finished to an extremely high standard and constantly being upgraded, tweaked and improved to make it even more usable - we were supplied with the newly designed roof, a pleasant surprise. Rich is a perfectionist and takes such pride in doing the job properly.

And have I mentioned it is spacious? Our VW friends are all about lightweight, foldable equipment and cutting out everything but essential items. We have so much storage I almost feel guilty - proper chairs, full size kettle, all manner of clutter and still plenty of space for more.

Finally, there was dealing with Orange Campers themselves. Sonya and Richard could not have been more patient and accommodating. Sonya constantly put my mind at ease through supply chain issues and Fiat delays, eventually sorting us with a new van she had held back, when the one we had ordered failed to appear. They honoured all our original choices and even threw in some upgrades at the handover to make up for our Fiat troubles. A most professional and caring operation which extends to the other front of house staff member, Jessica, who was so helpful and long suffering in answering all manner of queries. I cannot recommend this small family company enough. They deserve to succeed"

- Michael, January 2023


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