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Let campervan hire with Orange brighten up your Autumn & Winter!

Here at Orange Campers Hire campervanning is a year round pursuit – not just for us but for our Trouvaille clients too.

Just look at the Trouvaille Members Group and you will see that the fun doesn’t stop once the summer is over, it just carries on! We currently have some clients on the trip of their dreams in Norway. We will be away at the end of October in our demo in London with the boys, and have been known to stay over in Chatsworth to see in the New Year whatever the weather!

We are certainly not worried about being cold as we know the propex gas heater and the comprehensive insulation will keep us toasty, along with the handy little extras we never leave home without such as the thermal exterior front cab blind and the pop top wrap – reasonably priced but highly effective add-ons which make all the difference for autumn and winter camping:

Thoroughly insulated to enable year-round camping ✅

Thermal exterior cab blinds & pop top wrap included in your hire at no extra cost ✅

Pop top with extreme canvas on the Classique ✅

Sheep’s wool Devon Duvet included ✅

Extra blanket rarely needed but included just in case! ✅

Polyvision double glazed windows on the Classique help to further insulate ✅

Portaloo included so no chilly middle of the night trips to the loo! ✅

Find out more about our ‘vans:

And what better time to hire than when we have so many great offers?!


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