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A Norwegian Adventure in a Classique Campervan

Updated: Feb 21

You may remember our Channel 5 début where Michael and Ruth took the plunge to

Well... here they are sharing their epic trip to Norway with us. Michael looks to be

thoroughly enjoying his very recent retirement, and they are living their best lives with all the freedom their Trouvaille Classique has given them.

Having a compact camper allows you to enjoy longer trips as well as providing the every day versatility so that if you wish you can use it as your daily drive!

Michael's Travel Blog

Here are some excerpts from Michael’s blog that he posted on the Trouvaille Owner’s

Member’s Group. Read for yourself how their campervan gave them everything they

needed to travel around Norway staying in and visiting a range of different

locations…from carparks with showers to crystal clear lakes, gushing waterfalls, a micro brewery, a cider farm and some snow chucked in for good measure too! With both of them driving around with ease and comfort It sounds and look idyllic! If you would like this to be you next year then pre-order your campervan NOW!

On Friday 22nd we took a cruise down Aurlandsfjord and up the World Heritage site Nærøyfjord on the world’s first carbon fibre, electric cruise ship. The weather was cold but clear. We finished with a drink in the local Viking themed microbrewery pub.
On Sat 23rd we decided not to take the world’s longest overland tunnel at 24.5km. The bragging rights would have been nice but the mindless boredom for 30 mins not so! So we took a scenic, hairpin bend filled road over the high plateau called the Snow Road. It was like the surface of another planet!... We then took a short hike in the area on the old, abandoned Kings Road and finally parked up nearby in a car park with toilets and shower facilities! All quiet, except for the river.
On Sun 24th RUTH DROVE! She coped really well.
Another hairpin bendy road over the high plateau, stunning autumn colours and a number of monstrous water falls. We pitched for the night by a lake. Called Eidfjordvatnet - crystal clear, filled by the Vøringfossen waterfall.
Monday 25th was a drive to a cider producer, a tasting, much buying, more driving and a ferry to Jondal where we parked up by a marina where I am sitting at this very moment typing this to you!

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