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When the moment takes you - stick with it!

Campervans from Orange are the ultimate luxury and what’s more they give you freedom!

Just look at the Tomlins’ trip to Polzeath. A fantastic surf location where you can park on the beach. And what could be better than using your Trouvaille Classique as a base for the day?

Want to cook your lunch when you arrive? ✅

Want to warm up after bodyboarding then head out again for another set of waves? ✅

Want to make your whole family a warm drink and a snack to refuel? ✅

Want to stay as long as possible on this amazing beach and hang out until sunset? ✅

And lastly want to hose off all that sand? ✅

That’s the great thing – everything is at your fingertips and you don’t have to rush back. If the moment takes you then stick with it – you can do what you want in this versatile and highly practical luxurious camper’. And if you don’t want to return to your campsite that night and stay another day surfing on this beach then let your hair down and live on the wild side – because you can!

View our vans in stock and don’t forget our summer sale extended until 30th September!

Value Option Trouvaille Classique

Metallic Black

Value Option Trouvaille Classique

Iron Grey

Value Option Trouvaille Classique

Slate Grey


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