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Campervan Extras: How to take your van experience to the next level

Updated: Feb 21

Extras featured in this article:

As seasoned campervan enthusiasts, we’re eager for our customers to enjoy an exceptional van experience.

So, rather than create bland and boring vans that you don’t realise you have to spend a fortune upgrading and adding to in order to make usable… we’ve included everything you need in the price of the van, with zero hidden extras.

All of our vans come with these features as standard:

  • Custom interior colours, fabrics and finishes - just choose from our eye-catching range of options

  • An extra-large bed - either 120cm or 130cm depending on the van

  • A family-size 90l fridge - the biggest on the market for sure!

  • A solar panel - 120W for the Classique or 200W in the Actif

  • External gas BBQ point

  • Top quality Froli sprung roof bed

  • And more…

Not to mention all the little features that we’ve included to make life easier and more comfortable, like the placing of USB ports and LED lights, or cupboards that open downwards to prevent you from being ‘attacked’ by crockery that’s moved during transit!

The thing is, we use these vans ourselves all the time, so whenever we notice a little tweak that will make a difference, or an addition that will make life easier, we add it to our next vans to improve our customer experience.

All this means that there’s very little we haven’t thought of… and you can just drive your standard Trouvaille away knowing that you have everything you need.

That said, if you do want to really take things to the next level, there are a few extras that you can add on, so let’s get into that list, and you can start choosing which ones you’d like to include when you join the Trouvaille family.

1. Cab blinds and external thermal blinds

All of our vans come with colour-coded window blinds as standard, but to make your van that little bit darker at night, you might like to add cab and windscreen blinds to your van too. We use excellent quality blinds (obviously!) that open and close in seconds, making them really simple and a pleasure to use.

For extra darkness and warmth in winter too, an external thermal wrap might suit you. These are fitted to the outside of the vehicle, either around the cab, or we do sell some that fit around the pop-top roof as well, and they’re really helpful for making sleeping that little bit more comfortable in both summer and winter.


2. Upgrade the kitchen area with a microwave

You'll find a handy gas hob for cooking comes as standard in your Trouvaille - plus the external BBQ point mentioned above - but some customers prefer to have more options for cooking in the van, so the addition of a microwave ticks that box.

The microwave we've chosen is very compact and easy to use, plus it’s specially made for campervans which means there’s nothing inside to rattle around when you’re on the move.


3. Our new little half-table

This is a new feature we’ve recently come up with - a small table that sits on top of the cutlery drawer for use when you’re on the road and just need a quick picnic stop without taking the big table out.

We used this a lot on our recent trip to Cornwall, and it’s been a fantastic little addition, really handy for making a quick picnic lunch at the beach, or stopping for a little cuppa while you’re on the move.


4. Steps for extra comfort

An extra-wide 700mm entrance step makes a big difference for big feet!

We supply an electrically operated, retractable 550mm wide step as standard, but some customers prefer to upgrade to an even wider 700mm step for that extra bit of room when getting in and out of the van.

Another step that we now offer, following a customer’s recommendation, is a little foldaway step to raise the foot height when sitting on the cab seats in the Trouvaille Classique, as the cab is set slightly higher than the rest of the vehicle.

This has been a fantastic little addition, proving to be popular with our latest customers.


5. Upgraded solar panels, lithium battery and WiFi

If you’re planning on going off-grid, our standard vehicles can happily accommodate your wild camping adventures with solar panels, lithium battery and even WiFi to keep you connected while you’re away.

That said, we do offer an upgrade package, which includes a 180 watt solar panel with lithium battery for the Classique, and a 270 watt solar panel with the option of an additional lithium battery in the Actif campervan model.

Upgrading to a 5G WiFi package will also give your connectivity a boost, which is handy for remote working, keeping up with your favourite TV programmes on the road, or even as an additional safety feature.


6. Upgraded security

Every Trouvaille campervan comes with a Thatcham approved tracker for security, but you may like to upgrade to a Category S5 approved immobiliser tracker for that additional layer of security, which offers extra peace of mind when you’re travelling around in places you don’t know.


7. External bike rack

Fiamma make a fantastic little 2-bike rack that you can use without the need for a tow bar, and it’s a favourite of ours as it fits securely and neatly on the back of the van with very little fuss.

If you’re taking more than 2 bikes, we can supply a tow bar as well, which may be handy for towing other toys too - up to two and a quarter tonnes - so you could take something like a boat or motorbike with you quite easily.


8. Roof racks

All of our vans can quite easily accommodate roof racks to transport kayaks, surfboards, paddleboards, that sort of thing, fitting easily over the pop top roof and solar panels.

Our roof racks have a weight limit of about 60kgs, but that should be plenty to carry all your gear - whether inflatable or fibreglass, they’re robust enough to take a couple of items with ease.


Take a tour with Richard

All of these extras - plus a few more features - are explained in detail by Richard in this video below, so click to watch, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with new features in the Orange Campers range.

These are our most popular features, but if you have any special requests - like our customer Stef did here - do get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you.

Knowing that your extras are factory-fitted by us - even if retro-fitted after you take delivery - means that you can have peace of mind that your van will retain its value, and continue to be a good investment for years to come.

Here's to kitting out the van of your dreams!


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