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Bespoke campervan conversion details for a special customer

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

When our lovely customer Stef came to us with some special requirements for a Trouvaille conversion that would accommodate her fur-family, we were only too happy to oblige.

While we don't focus our attention on bespoke conversions, we are in the business of making dreams come true so that you can go out and say YES to new adventures in a way that suits your lifestyle!

We've spent 20+ years perfecting our conversion layout, materials, quality fixtures and fittings, fabric choices and so on... so we really are confident that you're getting the best possible campervan experience when you invest in an Orange Camper.

That said, arguably the most important creatures in Stef's life are her beloved pooches, so she was keen to see what we could do about fitting in cages to allow her to travel with her dogs.

Together we came up with a design on a Ford Transit Custom Limited - our Trouvaille Actif conversion - that has little more room than our standard option as its a long wheel base vehicle to suit Stef's needs.

The most notable difference to our standard conversion is that we didn't fit a bed into the main cabin area, opting for a standard bench seat instead, which left plenty of room at the back for us to build a custom unit with storage and drawers underneath.

This unit will form the base for two extra large dog cages, keeping Stef's favourite family members safe as she tours and travels to her heart's content!

Not having a bed downstairs won't be a problem at all for Stef though, as all of our Trouvaille conversions come with the SCA elevating roof as standard - which we have chosen for it's exceptional quality and attention to detail - along with a Froli sprung bed.

This spacious and unbelievably comfortable roof bed is one of the best we've ever come across, offering Stef loads of room, a cosy and comfortable sleep, as well as panoramic views for those morning lie-ins (should the dogs allow it!)

Apart from that, Stef has chosen some fantastic upgrade features for her van.

Our vans come with most extras offered by other companies as standard, as we are determined to offer our customers everything you need for an exceptional van experience with no hidden costs.

That said, you can upgrade a few things like Stef has done - choosing an extra strong WIFI router, a freestanding smart TV, a larger 270 watt solar panel, combined with a 200 amp lithium battery with app-based controls, warm water for her interior sink and exterior shower, and upgraded security package with built in tracker and immobiliser.

Whether you're buying one of our standard conversions and just tweaking a thing or two to suit your needs (like Michael and Ruth who we made these handy little steps for), or going for a more involved bespoke feature like Stef here has done, we're always happy to see how we can accommodate you.

Even with these bespoke features, our excellent quality vans are a fantastic investment, holding their value for years to come.

To find out about saying YES to new adventures in your own Orange Campervan, or even just hiring one for a short break, just get in touch and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions, be they about vehicle specs, interiors, finances, or anything else!


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