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5 things to consider for your Campervan Kitchen (that really make a difference!)

The five things to think about for your campervan kitchen

Whether you’ve had your Campervan for years or you’re new to the scene, one area that’s always worth thinking carefully about is your kitchen. 

Being able to bring the kitchen sink with you (literally!) on the road is one of the best things about having your own ‘van. 

But what you don’t want is a cramped space with no storage to prepare your home-cooked meals in. It’s the little touches that will make your ‘van feel like a home away from home. 

Let’s take a look at the five areas to think about in your Campervan kitchen that will really make the difference.


A big fridge

Did you know Orange Campers is known as 'the company with the big fridge'?!

That’s because all our vans have a spacious 90-litre fridge so you can stay stocked up all holiday long. 

But it’s not just about the fridge – it’s also really handy to have a decent-sized freezer compartment too. You can’t have a summer holiday without some ice cream after all!

Watch the video as Richard shows you around one of our Campervan kitchens and talks you through each of these five things you won’t want to live without:


Storage, storage, storage

While a sleek slim-line kitchen might look nice, you may soon despair at the lack of cupboards.

For us, we really prioritise a good depth kitchen with bigger drawers and as many cupboards as possible. You won’t have to leave behind your favourite biccies in one of our vans!

And we can do all this without making it cramped either. The key is making use of every inch of space. 

For example, we like to make sure there is plenty of countertop space so you can spread out while cooking. 

Our sleek sink and two-ring cooker combination unit has a cover which can drop down and be used as more workspace.

Even under the sink, we’re utilising that space rather than boxing it in.

Our drawers are deep full-size drawers, so you can take your pots and pans from home.

Inside the kitchen cupboard
Inside the kitchen cupboard in the Actif

Space-saving equipment

Now for some of the nitty gritty.

We make sure to include a proper cutlery drawer – it even comes with a mini cheese grater if you hire!

And for something not everyone considers – our cupboard doors open downwards! Why you might ask? Well, there’s nothing worse than opening up a cupboard and having everything fall out. 

So to stop that happening while on the move we moved the hinges around so you can keep everything inside where it belongs. 

Another great benefit of that is you can then see everything inside much more clearly – rather than bending down to look under the door!

A proper table set up

It’s the everyday stuff like sitting down to eat that can be uncomfortable.

Make sure to really think about your table space and the different options out there. 

We have a big portable table stored on the back of the seat that can be pulled forward easily. There’s also another table rail that extends out of the kitchen counter which can be used both for cooking and for dining as the passenger seat can turn round.

But you don’t want to be putting up the big table all the time and so we have a handy solution for this too. By opening the cutlery drawer you can slot in a pop-in table for that little bit of extra space that’s really sturdy.

Richard showing how to put table on counter top
The pop-in table in action

An external gas BBQ point 

A big part of the kitchen for us when out on the road has been making use of the outside space too. When the weather holds out you can have the van door open and cook outside most of the time. 

What’s really great for outdoor cooking is a Cadac BBQ so having a ‘van with an external gas point is really useful for making life easier.

Now you know what to look for when choosing a Campervan kitchen. But how do you make the best use out of it? Read our blog all about cooking in your 'van.

Interested in one of our vans?

Find out more about our van range here, and of course, if you have any questions or anything you'd like to discuss, do get in touch.

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