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What's it like to drive yourself? Happy customer Rosalind shares her campervanning experience

Rosalind bought her campervan from us at Orange Campers back in 2021 and hasn’t looked back! She came to see us at a show in Peterborough with her son and while she loved the ‘van she was worried about driving it. 

She recently sat down with Richard and shared with us her experiences since getting her ‘van. 

Here’s her thoughts – and whether she’s been able to drive it OK!

Plenty of comfort

“It's opened a new lease of life for me. I've found the driving very easy. 

Richard lowered the seat because I'm very short and the driving position is perfect for me. The van's easy to drive and what I like is the comfort. 

Today, when it's very windy and raining, I don't get bothered at all by any of the spray from the lorries.

I have a very difficult drive at home. I have to reverse it and then run parallel to the house, which is quite difficult to do. But I can manage that by myself.

Everyone says, “How on earth do you do it?” Well, you just do it! 

I try and take it out as often as I can and use it as much as possible. I've been delighted with it.”

Watch Rosalind and Richard in our YouTube video:


Plenty of trips

“I've been to Cornwall a couple of times. Last year I went to the Outer Hebrides, sailed from Oman to Barra, and island-hopped all the way up to the Isle of Lewis and back home. 

I've had three trips to France; another one next week. We're going to Bilbao, doing a bit of northern Spain and southern France and Normandy in the summer. And there'll be a few other trips in the Lake District.

I travel by myself. Sometimes my sister comes with me, so I sleep in the pop top, and she sleeps downstairs. 

I've recently just bought a drive-away awning, because my eldest son's got two little boys who are desperate to go in it. And I thought there'd be a bit more space if we could have the drive-away awning. I've yet to try and drive away from it though!"

Plenty of storage

“The van has a very spacious fridge, which I think is an absolute bonus, the size of it, cooking, everything's very easy. 

There’s plenty of storage too. Everyone says, “Well, where do you put all your things?”

But I find there's more than enough storage! 

I have a pop top so there’s not as much storage as a high top, but it's still surprising how big it is. I always get surprised by the overhead cupboard. It fits an enormous amount of stuff."

It's always nice to hear from a happy customer! So if you're having any doubts, just ask Rosalind and she'll be telling you how easy it is to drive.

Where will you be taking yours?

We’re a small family company so we really do care about our customers, and often make friends with them! In fact, we have a member's Facebook Group and an annual campout to keep in touch with everyone.

Contact us to start your Orange Campers journey today!

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